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EV Charging Australia: Commercial EV, Solar, and Battery Infrastructure Services

At EV Charging Australia, we understand the unique energy needs of commercial properties. Our specialized services in commercial EV charging, solar power, and battery storage solutions are designed to enhance your business operations, reduce energy costs, and promote environmental sustainability.

Commercial EV Charging Solutions
As electric vehicles become a staple in corporate fleets and among employees, having robust EV charging infrastructure is crucial. Our commercial EV charging services include:

Site Evaluation and Planning: We assess your property to determine the optimal locations for EV chargers, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all users.
Installation and Deployment: Our team installs high-capacity EV chargers capable of supporting multiple vehicles simultaneously, tailored to meet the demands of your business.
Scalable Solutions: We provide scalable solutions that can grow with your business, accommodating an increasing number of electric vehicles over time.
Maintenance and Support: Regular maintenance and prompt support services ensure that your EV charging stations remain reliable and efficient.

Commercial Solar Power Solutions
Harnessing solar energy can significantly reduce your business’s energy expenses and carbon footprint. Our commercial solar services include:

Comprehensive Site Assessment: We conduct detailed site evaluations to design a solar power system that maximizes energy production based on your location and energy needs.
Customized Installation: Our team installs state-of-the-art solar panels using advanced technology and materials to ensure high performance and longevity.
Energy Management Systems: We implement energy management systems that allow you to monitor and optimize solar power usage, enhancing your energy efficiency.
Financial Analysis and Incentives: We provide financial analysis to demonstrate the cost savings and return on investment, and assist in navigating available incentives and rebates.

Commercial Battery Storage Systems
Battery storage solutions are essential for maximizing the efficiency of your solar power system and ensuring energy resilience. Our services include:

Tailored Design and Installation: We design and install battery storage systems that meet your business’s energy demands, ensuring seamless integration with your solar power system.
Energy Backup Solutions: Our battery systems provide reliable backup power during outages, protecting your operations from interruptions.
Monitoring and Management: We offer advanced monitoring and management tools to track your battery performance and optimize energy usage.

Why Choose EV Charging Australia for Commercial Solutions?

-Industry Expertise: Our extensive experience in commercial energy solutions ensures that we deliver top-quality installations and services tailored to your business needs.
High-Quality Products: We use premium products from trusted manufacturers to guarantee the efficiency and durability of your energy systems.
Sustainability and Savings: Our solutions are designed to reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs, contributing to a more sustainable future for your business.
Comprehensive Support: From initial consultation to ongoing maintenance, we provide continuous support to ensure your energy infrastructure operates at peak performance.

Invest in the future of your business with EV Charging Australia’s commercial EV charging, solar power, and battery storage solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals and enhance your energy efficiency.

AC or Destination Chargers

AC or destination chargers are designed to attract EV drivers to your location and encourage them to stay a while. These AC Destination chargers are relatively cost effective to buy and install and don’t need three phase power. They are generally found in most shopping centres, apartment buildings Our team can provide you with the services to determine what power you have available to you, and once we have that information we can install any type of EV charger, whether you’re installing a charger at your house, your business or industrial property. We have installed a variety of various EV chargers to suit models from top companies including Tesla, BYD, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Mitsubishi & more.

DC Fast Chargers

DC Fast chargers are designed for transit routes and do require more infrastructure setup and do require three phase.

Level 3 Chargers

These chargers are strictly public DC chargers – or what’s commonly referred to as ‘Superchargers’. These chargers are essential in making EVs viable for driving long distances with minimal charging times.

Charging capacity ranges from 50kW on a rapid charger up to 350kW on an ultra-rapid unit.

At the lower end, this method will add up to 150km of range per hour plugged in; at the upper end, this method can recharge some electric vehicles from zero to 80% in under 30 minutes.

Due to the huge power requirements of these charging stations, significant infrastructure upgrades are necessary, with close coordination with local government offices and power authorities.

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