Our Promise

EV Charging Australia is committed to supporting the growth of Electric Vehicles in Australia.

As we expand our services and products across all of Australia we commit to only supply, source and install the best quality products that adhere to Australia’s high standard like our own, but to also support Australian designed and manufactured products and serviced.

We are also part of numerous regulatory boards/memberships all with the focus to make sure we adhere to the rigorous green and ethical standards we want to continue to see within the EV industry in Australia.

In addition we have committed to retire all our Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles under our control by 2028. We currently maintain a higher ratio of EV to ICE vehicles in our fleet.

We hope you can join us in helping transition Australia to a cleaner and more renewable economy. Not only for yourself but for the generations to come!

EVCA pledge – V3 – 2023

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